Gluten Free


After moving to Phoenix, Chef Mamoona Hilal felt like the city was lacking in delicious halal options. She wondered if she could create her own menu of mouthwatering Pakistani, Afghani and Indian cuisines with affordable rates. She shared her idea with her husband, Muhammad Hilal Safi, and the two went ahead to open up their very own restaurant! It started off as Tahoora Grill, and Phoenix fell in love with its flavourful and exotic dishes. And for those looking for a halal food that tastes like heaven on their tongues, Tahoora Grill was a godsend. Around half a decade later, the restaurant got a new look and a new name: Hilal Grill. Same good food under a new banner!

From grilled meats, rich curries and spicy biryanis to seafood fusions, all-veg entrees and fruity lassis, it’s a literal feast for even the choicest palate. For the desis in Phoenix, it’s a trip back home for a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay for a plane ticket. And for those who’ve yet to try out exotic flavours, Hilal Grill is the perfect place to tickle your tastebuds and become a fan. With its variety of South Asian cuisines, mind-blowing prices, and wholly halal ingredients, Hilal Grill is your ideal flavourtown destination!