Afghan food is exceptional and delicious.
Afghan cuisine is one of the top South Asian foods with a very unique looking and mouthwatering taste. From the taste of Kabli Rice with chopped carrots and raisins to Mantoo (non-veggie dumplings) and it’s fresh clay oven Naan (bread).

Afghans have a rich and unique culture, they are known for their hospitality and respect for guests. They are talented and expert in cooking.

As a matter of fact guests are always welcome in Afghan home. Either it is a planned invitation or a surprise visit. If you are visiting an Afghan family without prior notice they will try to cook as many things as possible in a short time. On the other hand if you have informed the Afghan host before going, they will make sure to serve you with all the Afghan specialties.
In Afghan culture it is norm to ask the guest several times to eat. Just to make sure that the guest don’t leave the table hungry due to shyness and make the guest feel at home. Coming away hungry from an Afghan table is simply not possible.

Afghanistan has a lot of different types of delicious dishes. We are also cooking some of them with authentic recipe. Some of them are famous by name like:

Kabli Pulao:
Consisting of raisins and shredded carrots scattered all over the entrée. It is considered to be the top dish in Afghan cuisine.

Consists of minced meat (ground beef) & onions all wrapped in special dough topped off with meat sauce as well as yogurt sauce. It needs a lot of preparation and takes a long time to prepare.

This great meal can be prepared with two different ingredients one is boiled potato, chopped onions, dough and a bit coriander and the other is Green part of the leek or spinach, Dough, cooking oil, hot pepper if desired. People mostly serve it with chatni sauce or raita sauce (yogurt).

Lamb Kabab:
Small pieces of lamb meat are cut and mixed and marinated in onion water and garlic paste, salt and other seasonings and stays over night for better taste and then barbecued. Afghan lamb kabab are tender and has a unique delicious taste.

The spices used in Afghani foods are not flat. Afghans have their own way of cooking unlike Pakistani and Indian cuisines. In fact many western find Afghan food very delicious!