Top 6 Hilal Dishes

The following are Hilal’s top six most sought-after choices for lunch. The fact that these meals are good for your health and make you feel full simultaneously is a double-edged sword.



An Indian subcontinent Muslim dish called biryani is a mixture of rice. It is prepared with rice, a type of meat, and occasionally without beef, potatoes, and eggs. One of the most well-liked foods in South Asia, as well as among people from the region who have emigrated elsewhere, is biryani. Other nations worldwide, including Iraq, Thailand, and Malaysia, prepare similar dishes. The most popular word overall is biryani.

Goat Karahi


A dish from northern and northwest South Asia is known as goat Karahi (or gosht karahi when made with goat or lamb meat instead of mutton). The dish is made using a karahi, an everyday work in South Asian cooking. Mutton Karahi is one of the popular curries (also known as Mute). Preparing all the ingredients before cooking and serving this delicious dish would be best. In an oily masala type of kitchen, mutton karahi is ready. Coriander leaves and red chili powder are added to it to make it even more delicious. When it contains meat, mutton is also known as Karahi Gosht.

Chicken Boti


A recipe for Chicken Kabab uses marinated boneless chicken pieces that are skewered and cooked until just tender and juicy. This recipe is called Chicken Boti Kabab.

On a grill or two, in an oven, air fryer, or on a grill, Chicken Boti Kabab can be prepared.

It’s straightforward to make chicken boti kabab. You only need a few ingredients to make this mouthwatering Indian Chicken appetizer because the marinade is a one-bowl recipe.

Discover the secret to making the ideal Chicken Boti Kabab.

Fish kabab


Fantastic and ideal for lovers of seafood, fish kabab is a dish. Is fish available? Then you must make a mouthwatering fish kabab recipe and treat your family to an excellent snack. The best food options are fish or machli kabab. The world’s most nutritious protein is fish. That improves brain health and lowers the risk of strokes and fish. It’s possible to prepare fish in a variety of ways. The fish can be baked, steamed, grilled, and fried. Fish can be used in various dishes, including curry and kabab. This recipe for tasty kababs is perfect for serving in the winter with tea or as a side dish at lunch.

Aloo Keema


This dish is delicious and mouthwatering. Using a  mixture of meat and vegetables, the aloo keema recipe offers a perfectly balanced diet. Both kids and adults enjoy eating potatoes and minced meat. It’s simple to find the ingredients for this Aloo Keema recipe in the market. One classic recipe is for aloo keema. Vegetables and meat are a nutritious combination. Easy-to-find components are used in the recipe, which is straightforward.

Bhindi Masala

Okra is referred to as “b”indi,” “and “m” sala” “s the name of the onion, tomato, spice, and herb base used to make curries. Therefore, “B”indi masala” refers to okra cooked in a hot onion tomato masala. This straightforward bhindi masala is incredibly simple to make with everyday ingredients. People either love or dislike this green vegetable because of its distinctive quality and its slimy yet silky texture, which makes it unique. My personal preference is for okra to be crisp and roasted.

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